Get Some Rest: The Launch of RestWants

A worthy craft, indeed.
A worthy craft, indeed.

There’s a saying in Hollywood: “You can make a bad movie from a good script, but you can’t make a great movie with a bad script”. This logic applies to any business – in order for any project to succeed, it has to spring from a good idea. Anyone can crash and burn in business, no matter profound their “Eureka!” moment of entrepreneurial inspiration. But success is not normally realized until after navigating a treacherous ocean of obstacles – to have any real shot, be sure to command a worthy craft. That’s the thinking behind my start-up, RestWants.


Know what you don't know.
Know what you don’t know.

I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for 15+ years, mostly serving tables or slinging drinks behind a bar (nearly 1 in 14 Americans currently do). Most of my colleagues can attest that, as far as serving or bartending goes, most things are pretty standard: the lingo , the hours, common practices – and especially the uniforms.

My “Eureka!” moment came after I spent an entire afternoon at the Northgate Mall in Seattle looking for work clothes. It hit me like a stack of cotton button-down oxford shirts (it was kind of a gentle and fluffy “Eureka!” moment): a one-stop shop for restaurant workers everywhere to get what they need to wear for work, without wasting an entire day at Walmart looking for slacks, which is about the most depressing activity there is.

So, I scraped together some funds, delved into a world about which I knew nothing, and haven’t looked back since. The site will be up this summer. This blog will document the process of getting it up and running, keep our customers informed of what’s going on behind the scenes, and remind me of the “good ‘ol times” when I still got 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Until then, I ask you to join me on one grad student’s quest to realize his dream – and then sell that dream to Amazon for stupid money the second that Jeff Bezos shoots me an email. Until then, We Have Your Shift Covered.

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